Remove your limitations and build a child theme.

Your Theme Blvd theme comes packed with end-user features, but as you build more websites, you'll inevitable get the itch to do more. Let's get to work.

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Jump Start is empowering new professionals every day to start doing more from their child themes, and ultimately grow their businesses.

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Create WordPress sites that work for you.

You have the power to decide what you want to implement directly through your child theme, and what you'd like your client to control from the WordPress admin.

WordPress Theme Framework

Developers love the Theme Blvd framework.

Whether you're just looking to make minor tweaks or completely tear apart your Theme Blvd theme, developers love the level of child theme extendability.

Child Theme Extendability


We provide all the end-user features to compete with the best themes out there, but we've also built everything around being extendable for developers.

Child Themes

Child Themes

All of our developer documentation is written to motivate your child theme development. We're all about child themes, and fully support this in our themes.

WordPress Action Hooks

Action Hooks

We utilize tons of action hooks, which provide a great way to take control of smaller portions of your website, without having to manage large template files.

WordPress Filters


To give you the ultimate control, we make sure to filter things, wherever possible. With nearly 500 filters, there's generally a way to customize what you want.

WordPress Templates


Among all the actions and filters, we still stay true to the WordPress foundation of template hierarchy, template parts, and overall readable templating.



In all code we write, optimization is always a priority. From only loading code when necessary to limiting database queries, we want your website to run at its best.

Options API

Options API

We've got a consistent options API in place for you to customize theme options, create meta boxes, and create layout builder elements, to meet your client's needs.

Layout Builder API

Layout Builder API

If you're looking to utilize the layout builder for your client's user experience, our layout builder API makes it easy to add your custom elements to the interface.

Developer Base

Developer Base

If you're using Jump Start, and you want to strip it down to the framework core for a totally custom design, utilize the Developer theme base.

Bloat Control

Bloat Control

Using our global configuration filter, you can easily disable any features your client doesn't need, to create the most efficiently running website, as possible.


Enhancing WordPress

We think the WordPress admin is beautiful, and we strive to enhance it, not change it. The end user experience you build for your client will consistently blend in.


100% GPL

WordPress was founded on the GPL license. This ensures rights and freedoms for the community, and we're proud to support this in our products.

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These are just some of features, that developers love about using our themes. This is all in addition to the user features included, as well.