Widget Area Locations

Within the framework, there are six default widget area “locations” — By default these are simply WordPress-registered widget areas, but when combined with the Theme Blvd Widget Areas plugin, you’ll then see why we’re referring to them as locations. With this plugin, you can create custom widget areas that you can then insert into these various locations for specific pages.

Default Locations

Name ID Type
Left Sidebar sidebar_left fixed
Right Sidebar sidebar_right fixed
Ads Above Header ad_above_header collapsible
Ads Above Content ad_above_content collapsible
Ads Below Content ad_below_content collapsible
Ads Below Footer ad_below_footer collapsible
Note: These are the default widget area locations of the framework, all present in Jump Start. However, other themes may, or may not, support all locations.

Default Locations Map

For a visual representation, you can match the locations from the above table to the screenshot below.

Fixed vs Collapsible

In the table above, you may have noticed that all widget area locations are either fixed or collapsible.

Fixed sidebar locations always display based on the current sidebar layout. — For example, if a Sidebar Right layout is selected for the current page, the right sidebar will always display and the left sidebar will never display. And if a Double Left Sidebars layout were selected, both the left and right sidebars will always display, but both to the left of the content area.

Alternatively, collapsible widget area locations will only show if they contain widgets. Also, they do not correspond to the sidebar layout, in any way; they’re always in the same spot, throughout your website.