Primary Framework Action Hooks

After you’ve got the the concept of action hooks down, you can really begin to dive into the possibilities of what you can accomplish from your child theme. In this article, you’ll find a quick overview of the framework’s primary action hooks.

This article doesn’t include all action hooks, but includes all of the primary action hooks that setup the main visual design of the framework’s HTML markup.

Actions Map

In Progress: This actions map is missing a couple of changes made in Framework 2.7 — which applies to Jump Start 2.2, Gnar 1.1 and Denali 1.2. The action themeblvd_header_above has been removed. And there are new parent actions themeblvd_header and themeblvd_footer that now contain their respective actions at the top-level.

Locating Default Hooked Functions

If you’re trying to find out if any action hook in the map above already has a default function hooked to it, there are primarily three places you’ll want to look.

1) Framework Level

If the framework itself has applied a callback function to an action by default, it will be applied here:

2) Theme Level

At the theme level, if any modification to the framework actions have been made, you’ll find them here:

3) Theme Base Level

As a caveat to #2, if you’re using a theme that supports theme bases (introduced in Theme Blvd Framework 2.5), and you have a base other than “Developer” active from WP Admin > Appearance > Theme Bases, then you should also check the base’s functions file for any hook modifications: