Frequently Asked Questions

Theme Blvd Framework

What is the Theme Blvd WordPress framework?

This is the theme framework that we’ve developed exclusively for our commercial WordPress themes. Some popular WordPress themes currently running it include Jump Start, Swagger, Alyeska, and AkitaSee all themes.

Do all Theme Blvd themes have the same version of the framework?

We work hard to always keep are theme framework moving forward, and then implementing those changes into new WordPress themes, as well as the previously published ones. However, the reality is that usually not all themes out there are going to always be on matching framework versions. While we’re always trying to keep older themes up-to-date, this happens over time, and not all at once.

How do I know what framework version my theme contains?

First, make note of your theme’s most recent version and what version of the framework that theme contains. — See Themes Compatibility Table

Second, we understand that life happens, and you are not always up-to-date on the latest version of the theme you’re using. To see the current framework version of the theme installed on your site, go to Appearance > Theme Options, and look in the footer. Here, it will tell you your current theme version, framework version, and link you to your changelog. — See screenshot

A newer framework version exists that the latest version of my theme doesn’t have. Can I update the framework myself in my theme?

No, unfortunately it doesn’t work like this. Generally speaking, when there are big framework changes, updating this within each current theme on the market is a much bigger task than dropping in an updated framework folder.

How do I sort out the confusion of finding information for different themes with different framework versions?

Trust us, we understand this can all be a bit confusing; this is the reality of managing a large theme framework across many commercial WordPress themes, over many years.

First and foremost, know your framework version. Knowing this version number will help you when you’re browsing developer documentation here. Also, when you’re looking through our plugins, it will help you to understand what features they all contain, and if these apply to your installed theme or not.

When you’re browsing articles here on the developer documentation website, make sure to make note of the Applies To field when viewing an article.

Child Themes

What is a child theme?

A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme, and allows you to modify, or add to, the functionality of that parent theme. So, in other words, the theme you purchased from Theme Blvd is your parent theme, and you’ll use your child theme to hold any code customizations you want to make to it.

Learn more about the sample child theme included in your theme package — Watch Video

Do I need a child theme?

If you’re not making code customization, you do not need to use a child theme. By code customizations, we’re generally referring to customizing code outside the scope of the WordPress admin panel features — usually this means making CSS, PHP, and HTML modifications to theme files.

With that said, if this is a new concept for you, you may want to take some time to look into it. It’s only natural that you’re going to go through the progression of moving towards this stage later on, with the more WordPress sites you create and the experience you gain.

Can I make code customizations without a child theme?

Please never make code customizations directly to the parent theme. Always, always make code customizations from a child theme. If you’ve made code customizations directly to the parent theme, we’re not able to support you. Over time, this will inevitably lock you into your current version of the theme and make it difficult to ever update.

Do the live demos use a child theme?

All live demos presented show examples of websites, created strictly through the theme’s WordPress admin user options.

Can I switch to a child theme later if I decide I want to make code customizations?

We’ve seen it time and time again over the years, and it’s a beautiful thing. As you progress, there’s a good chance that you’ll get to a point where you want to dive into child theme development, and it’s never too late to start.

With that said, after you’ve already setup the theme and your WordPress site, there are a few very minor things that seem to scare a lot of first-timers from making the initial switch to a child theme.

When you initially activate the child theme for the first time, a few things happen that people seem to perceive as “destroying” their website. But don’t worry, they are actually very minor issues addressed in this article which can be sorted in a matter of minutes.


Does support include customizations?

Please remember that support does not include providing you with customizations. We do our best to help buyers we can see are trying to make their own customizations and nudge them in the right direction, or point them to the proper documentation within this developer documentation website. However, with that said, please do not expect that you can simply post a customization and we will provide it to you.

Make sure to view our support terms for more information.

Do you provide paid customizations?

Unfortunately, no we do not directly provide paid theme customizations at this time. If you’re looking to get affordable customizations to your Jump Start theme by a developer, checkout Envato Studio.