Welcome devs & wannabe devs. Let’s get to work.

Even with so many options in your Theme Blvd theme, eventually you will get the itch to do something more. This website is geared towards giving you the confidence to begin making code customizations to your Theme Blvd theme, and grow your overall knowledge.

It all starts with a child theme.

What is a WordPress child theme?

A child theme inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme & allows you to modify, or add to, the functionality of that parent theme.

Do I need a child theme?

If you’re making code customizations outside of the scope of the end-user features, it’s crucial that you make these customizations from a child theme.

How do I create a child theme?

Included with the Theme Blvd theme you’ve purchased (i.e. the parent theme), we’ve include a starter child theme, that’s already setup for you.

Understand your coding languages.

As you begin your journey, don’t forget to take note of the absolute basics, and understand the coding languages you’re working with.

HTML: Markup Structure

HTML is used to create the basic structure and content of your website. It’s crucial that you learn basic HTML, in order to move forward with CSS and PHP.

CSS: Visual Styling

CSS sets the design of your website by styling the HTML to determine how everything looks & where it is on the page. It’s often the first thing you’ll work with.

PHP: Server Communication

PHP introduces you to programming, allowing you to communicate with your server. Ultimately, this is how the HTML & CSS being outputted on your site is retrieved.

MySQL: Data Storage

Understand that the data setup through your admin is stored in your MySQL database & not in your physical PHP files. WordPress pretty much takes care of the rest.

What can you do through PHP?

Once you’ve moved past styling edits & really dive in, you’ll be working with PHP. Below are the kinds of customizations you’ll be making.


Actions are hooks that are launched at specific points during execution. You can take advantage of this, by outputting your custom content at these points.

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Filters are hooks launched to modify data before it’s used or returned in a specific process. You can utilize this by filtering data throughout your theme, as needed.

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Pluggable Functions

While it’s always better to utilize an action or filter, if possible, a pluggable functions gives you a way to copy a compatible functions to your child theme to edit them.

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Template Parts

In the spirit of editing traditional template files, we aim to utilize smaller template parts wherever possible, which can be copied to your child theme for quick editing.

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Hooks, hooks, and more hooks. Harness the power.

We provide action hooks to give you more flexibility. If you can, always try to use an action hook, over simply copying a pluggable function or major template file (like header.php) to your child theme.